November 1, 2004

New way to support your local hacker.

jeremy_hogan writes "Lulu has begun allowing software developer and projects to publish boxed sets, CD/DVD media and documentation guides. The effort is to help F/OSS developers drive revenue, donations and contributions back to their projects. The first five, products are on sale now and will ship mid-November.

Pre-order Fedora Core 3 with a manual, or with instruction materials and proceeds go directly to support the projects and developers behind them. Lulu founder Bob Young is no stranger to publishing or software.

"We make the economics work such that the majority of revenue always goes directly to the pockets of the creator, whether they sell one book or one million.â says Young. âOur business model is to make artists, authors, musicians and now software developers more successful. And we only do well when they're doing great,"

You can support many of your favorite projects by buying the software here, or publish your own."


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