August 12, 2005

New web database applications builder for Linux

vs writes "Awaresoft has released Aware IM - a software for business professionals and developers who want to create web database applications without programming. Works with MySQL, Derby and other databases.

Key features:
- Creates web applications operated through any Internet browser with an intuitive HTML-based interface.
- Automatically manages database tables based on higher level object definitions.
- Automatically manages relationships including one-to-one, one-to-many and many-to-many relationships.
- Automatically manages database transactions.
- Automatically creates SQL statements (with joins and unions if necessary) based on higher level queries for objects and relationships.
- Automatically generates web interface that includes menus, banners, data forms, navigation and management of related data.
- Application logic is controlled by business rules. Rules are triggered by data changes and evaluated by the Rete algorithm-based rule engine.
- Generates personalized documents from templates ("document merge").
- Produces complex reports with nested data grouping, sub-reports, aggregations and conditional elements.
- Automatically sends e-mails that may include auto-generated personalized documents and reports as attachments.
- Automatically processes incoming e-mails taking actions based on the e-mail contents.
- Automatically generates web services for use by other systems.
- Automatically discovers web services provided by other systems.
- Provides API for adding custom extensions as Java plug-in’s. These include data processing functionality, custom communication channels, report extensions, new types of document templates, and others."


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