February 12, 2002

New XML education offering provides foundation for vast improvements in global business transactions

Author: JT Smith

Newport Beach, CA (February 12, 2002) A new EAN.UCC XML Education and Certification Program jointly developed by the Uniform Code Council, Inc. (UCC) and Drake Certivo, Inc. not only demonstrates the relevance of XML for multiple industries, but also sets the stage for a major transformation of the global economy. The education lays the foundation for improved efficiencies related to global business transactions.

"Implementing XML offers benefits to any company in any industry around the world," said Jamie Graham, president of Drake Certivo, Inc. "It will allow companies of all sizes to interact with one another and will facilitate expedited e-business transactions between them."

Drake Certivo provides education, certification, and compliance programs marketed under the brand name Certivo to help promote global standardization. The various curricula demonstrate how uniform standards can improve productivity within multiple industries. Ultimately, global XML standards are expected to help companies worldwide cost-effectively streamline their operations to stimulate a more aggressive global economy.

"Once standardization firmly takes hold in multiple industries around the world, the global economic climate will be remarkable. Productivity will be greatly enhanced, processes will be uniform, and all companies worldwide will be afforded the opportunity for optimum performance and profitability, added Graham."

About Drake Certivo, Inc.

Drake Certivo, Inc. is a global provider of education, certification, and compliance services designed to help businesses optimize productivity and promote uniform technical and business process standards worldwide. Drake Certivo is headquartered in Newport Beach, CA, and is on the Web at http://www.certivo.net.

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