August 30, 2012

News and Live, Online Keynotes from LinuxCon and CloudOpen

As The Linux Foundation's LinuxCon and CloudOpen conferences kick into high gear in San Diego, Calif., you can get free live streams of the keynote addresses, and much more.  We published an infographic yesterday, supplied by The Linux Foundation and based on IDC research, that reveals some interesting trends about the convergence of cloud computing an open source. Here are some of the other announcements and free resources related to the conferences.

The keynote schedule for LinuxCon is available, and rememer that you can watch live streamed keynotes online. We detailed some of the scheduled guests and sessions in this post

In conjunction with the conference, The Linux Foundation announced that Code Aurora Forum (CAF) will become part of Linux Foundation Labs. CAF includes many companies in the mobile wireless space and helps advance open, mobile wireless projects.

Also announced: The embedded Linux Yocto Project is announcing a new compliance program. The Yocto Project includes elements that make the embedded Linux development process much easier and faster, as well as standardized.

Stay tuned for more news from these conferences, which run through tomorrow.

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