January 22, 2001

A news site for the Open Source community

Author: JT Smith

dmalloc for OPN writes "OPN has thought a lot about the current development of community sites for
the open source community. While we believe that sites like sourceforge and
the like do a good job in their category, there are not enough
project-related news sites.

So, who is OPN? Well, we are just an IRC network, that hosts a lot of channels which have to do with open source development.Such as #debian, #php or #e (for enlightenment).

We have decided that it is time to gather information, ideas and reminders
from the open source community as to how they would like to have a site
developed, that actually tells them, all in one place, what is going on with
people in the community and the projects they work on.

So we're approaching the community, trying to gather as many contacts as
possible and start discussing this idea we had during one long frenzied
night of IRC brainstorming. Users who think they can help us out with
ideas, development time, written content, information about the open source
community and the like are asked to please participate and sign up to our
mailing list at http://lists.openprojects.net. That same host runs an nntp
server gatewayed to the mailing list archives, in the newsgroup
opn.discussion. If you feel you qualify as a volunteer right away, you can sign up at our volunteer database using

Spreading the word is not easy and wording this right is even harder, so I
will not try to make this sound any better than it is. I will let you decide whether this is worth your time or not, hopefully it is and I will see you soon on the mailing list or in IRC, asking me many questions. The server is irc.openprojects.net, the
channel is #content.

oh yeah... I am dmalloc on IRC, hopefully I will see you all soon."


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