July 1, 2003

Nexedi Announces TVBrick: Access Home TV Channels from Abroad

Nexedi announces a new generation of wireless home
appliances dedicated to international families: TVBrick Home Server.

Sachiko Seki, TVBrick Product Manager at Nexedi, explains: "TVBrick
Home Server allows international families to watch home TV channels
when they travel or stay abroad. It is a great appliance to keep
closer to our family or to our own country. TVBrick also allows to
share Internet access through wireless network when we go back home."

Yoshinori Okuji, Director of Research at Nexedi, adds "TVBrick is
based on innovative Free Software such as GNU/Linux. Hardware is based
on the OpenBrick platform. TVBrick appliance must be connected to a
broadband Internet access, such as high speed ADSL or optical fiber
networks which exist in Japan or Korea. When a member of the family
travels abroad, he or she can watch home TV channels by connecting
with a standard PC to the family TVBrick appliance."

Jean-Paul Smets, CEO of Nexedi, notices "The use of TVBrick appliances
for private use within the same family is compatible with Copyright
Law in Europe and in Japan. This is why Nexedi is selling TVBrick to
families only, mainly Japanese. Also, in order to help our customers
not to infringe on copyright, we implemented a password system to
restrict access to members of the same family."

Sachiko Seki concludes "This is the first application of TVBrick. Many
others will be follow in the next months and will be provided as free
upgrades. We welcome our customers to suggest new applications which
Nexedi will release as Free Software. It is our mission to develop the
best home server for international families."

TVBrick Home Server can be ordered online at [1]www.tvbrick.com and
will be available from July 7th 2003 at a price of 950 EUR. Each
TVBrick Home Server is provided with a 1 year warranty which includes
setup, test, support and software upgrade service.

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