February 27, 2004

Next-Generation Centrino WLAN Driver for Linux

Werner Heuser writes "The Canadian software company Linuxant has released issue 1.6 of their commercial
DriverLoader. The new
issue features support for Intel's next-generation PRO/Wireless 2200BG card with
54Mbps 802.11g technology and Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA)
security for Centrino systems. Driverloader is a compatibility-wrapper allowing standard Windows NDIS
(Network Driver Interface Specification) drivers shipped by hardware vendors
to be used as-is on Linux x86 systems.
There is also GPLed ndiswrapper by Pontus Fuchs. But currently it
does not support the next-generation Centrino series.
Please contact Pontus if you are interested in helping out!
If you need more info about see Linux laptops based on Intel's
Centrino(TM) technology
. There is also a survey of Intel's statements
about their schedule to provide drivers itself."
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