January 19, 2004

Next Linux kernel gets Aussie animal name

The next release of the Linux kernel will be named after an Australian animal following a frenzied bidding war at Linux.conf.au 2004 in Adelaide.

As part of the Penguin Dinner held for attendees on the Friday night at the conference, organisers auctioned off a T-shirt signed by all the
participating speakers, as well as Linux creator Linus Torvalds.

As bidding for the T-shirt steadily rose, open-source community members began adding additional incentives. Gnome project manager Jeff Waugh pledged
to allow the winning bidder to add their name to the next 2.6 Gnome release if bidding topped A$2,500 (£1,063). Then Torvalds, a surprise attendee at
the conference who made his only formal appearance at the dinner, said that if the bids reached that level, he would name the next kernel release
after an Australian animal of the winner's choice.

Link: news.zdnet.co.uk


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