December 25, 2000

Niche e-tailers have best chance to survive

Author: JT Smith

What a concept! This Seattle Post-Intelligencer story touts the idea that "pure" online retailers who serve obscure niches overlooked by the giants (either online or off) may have a better chance at success than companies that try to be all things to everyone. Sometimes all you have to do is stick to your guns (and your niche) and what was a hot idea, then pooh-poohed, gets hot again. Think about it: NewsForge is a niche news site. We work to cover Open Source like a second skin (with a little bit of other stuff to keep from getting boring) but we do not try to be all things to all people. It's nice to see this "new" business model finally catching on with the ecommerce crowd, too.


  • Open Source
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