November 15, 2016

Nithya Ruff's Appointment to Linux Foundation Aids Diversity Efforts

It's been a couple of weeks since the nonprofit Linux Foundation announced the addition of Nithya Ruff, along with Erica Brescia and Jeff Garzik, to its board. Ruff comes to the table with a long list of accomplishments. For the past two years she's been at Western Digital, where she's currently the director of open source office and is also the founding president of the company's Women’s Innovation Network. During this same period, she's been a member of the OpenStack Diversity Working Group and Women of OpenStack.

Her career in tech began with a ten year stint at Kodak, where among other things, she was an IT Analyst. Since then, she's spent time at some well known tech firms, including SGI, Avaya and Intel. With her current employer, her duties include being an evangelist, meaning she can often be found speaking at various tech conferences, including the Linux Foundation hosted LinuxCon. Her appointment to the Linux Foundation board is as an at-large director, which puts her in a rather advantageous position, since she's not directly beholden to any of the Linux Foundation's corporate sponsors.

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