April 15, 2005

NMM-Oppix, a live CD including NMM

Michael Repplinger writes "The NMM team is happy to announce the second Beta version of NMM-Oppix, a Live-CD based on Knoppix Version 3.7. NMM is fully configured, so that all applications like our Multimedia-Box can be started without additional configuration steps.

Currently, NMM-Oppix provides the following features:

* Includes latest NMM version (0.8.0).

* Includes the complete documentation about NMM.
* Full desktop integration. All important NMM applications, like the Multimedia-Box can easily be started via icons.
* Includes several media files to test and demonstrate a sophisticated multimedia environment without disturbing the used PC.
* Demonstrate the network capabilities of NMM, like network transparent audio/video playback (requires a DHCP and a DNS server!)
* Complete installed and configured Multimedia-Box. No additional configuration steps are required to start it. Currently, the following features of the Multimedia-Box can be used:

  • o Configuration dialog
    o Customizable on-screen display (skinning)
    o MP3 Playback: play back of MP3 files using the MP3 state.
    o Play-list: creation of play lists with all supported media types.
    o Multi-tasking: watch a video while transcoding mp3's.
    o CD Playback with CDDB support if a second CD rom drive is available.
    o CD-Grabber and transcoding to MP3/OggVorbis
    o DVD Playback if a second DVD rom drive is available (Encrypted DVD's can not be played back!).
    o Simulated TV (using a pre-recorded TV stream) plus time-shifting. Please note, that KNOPPIX and NMM-Oppix currently don't support dvb cards or tv cards with integrated MPEG2 encoder!
    o EPG: Receive epg information via XMLTV (Experimental!).
    o Transcoding of arbitrary media files. Transcoded files are stored under "/home/knoppix/Media/Transcoding".

* clic, an application for setting up distributed multimedia flow graphs from a high-level specification or a URL.

For more information see: http://www.networkmultimedia.org/Status/NMM-Oppix/ index.html
Download: http://www.networkmultimedia.org/Status/NMM-Oppix/ index.html#download"

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