September 30, 2004

No Excuses: SourceLabs bets on Dependable AND Open Business

Cornelius Willis writes "We're introducing our company to the open source community today.

SourceLabs takes a new approach to distribution, development, support and maintenance of open source. Our goal is to accelerate and broaden the fundamental changes to the software industry that open source is in the process of making. Check out our approach, and the six promises we're making to the community to ensure ongoing openness and dependability at

The promises guide our company and our relationships with the community. In summary, they are:

        1) We promise not to lock you in ever
        2) We promise to keep our company open
        3) We promise to keep our egos separate from technology
        4) We promise to only provide software we've tested and certified
        5) We promise to be accountable
        6) We promise to make your software work

Tell us what we're doing right, and what we're doing wrong here, or in our forums at

Promise 2 means we run a WYSIWYG business. We don't astroturf, and we take responsibility for what we say and do. We think it's the right way to work with the community, and it's the only way we want to run our company.

We're funded by Ignition Partners and Index Ventures, we're hiring and we're looking forward to working with you.

Cornelius Willis"

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