January 31, 2008

Nokia: $150M to the Trolltech Under the Bridge

Surprisingly, Nokiaââ¬â¢s acquisition of Trolltech has elicited the least inbound inquiry of all the recent open source M&A activity. The MySQL deal triggered more or less a complete meltdown, and even the smaller Covalent acquisition got the phones and IM channels ringing. As an aside on the Covalent deal, James and I were joking this morning that our new slogan should be ââ¬ÅWork with RedMonk, get acquired,ââ¬Â as our list of graduates is both long and distinguished (Covalent, MySQL, Scalix, Sleepycat, etc). Maybe we should start a pool on whoââ¬â¢s next? Oh right, gambling is illegal.

Link: redmonk.com


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