December 10, 2003

Nokia launches new mobile developer training program in Europe, North America

Nokia, the world's leading telephone handset maker, Wednesday announced that its certified training in mobile software application development -- launched in Asia earlier this year -- now will be made available in North America and Europe as part of the program's ongoing global roll-out.

By teaming up with select professional training companies and contributing its own tools, knowledge and other materials to the curriculum, Nokia aims to provide the ideal opportunity for beginning, intermediate or expert programmers to create the advanced wireless applications now demanded by businesses and consumers.

The training, currently offered in Singapore, Hong-Kong, and Malaysia, will now be available from the following Nokia Certified Training Centers: Eidos (Madrid), Elea (Milan), Computer Management Training (Munich) and New Horizons Computer Learning Centers (Dallas).

Course information and training provider details are available at this site.

This new training approach offers focused modules to help developers learn new and existing technologies in the mobile application environment, as well as the basics of wireless development. The instructor-led courses provide all levels of developers with technical information and know-how, hands-on experience and technical support for creating mobile solutions and applications for Nokia devices.

Created by Nokia, the curricula for the courses cover key technologies such as the Series 60 Platform, J2ME, xHTML, multimedia messaging service (MMS), and UI/Usability. For example, the Series 60 C++ Development Introduction module will teach aspiring mobile application developers how the Symbian OS and C++ can be used to develop advanced Series 60 applications. The Series 60 Platform is the leading terminal software for smart phones, licensed by Nokia to handset manufacturers representing approximately 60 percent of the global handset market, including Nokia, Panasonic, Samsung, Sendo, and Siemens.

As part of each training course, participants will be provided with SDKs, work materials, and companion CDs containing everything necessary to create mobile applications. Coupled with the existing tools, documentation, support and other resources offered by Nokia's global developer operations group, Forum Nokia, the new training program provides a clear, comprehensive path to mobile application development.

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