May 16, 2001

Nokia, Loki agree to distribute Loki games for Nokia Medial Terminal

Author: JT Smith

Nokia and Loki Software announced today an
agreement to make Linux games from Loki available on the Nokia Media
Terminal.The Media Terminal is an innovative infotainment device that seamlessly
combines digital video broadcast (DVB), gaming, full Internet access,
personal video recorder (PVR) technology. As part of the agreement
Linux-based games from Loki will be pre-installed on the Media
Anticipated roll out of the Media Terminal will be early Fall in

Both Nokia and Loki Software have made a firm commitment to support the
open source community by developing open tools and standards making
a collaboration a natural fit. Loki Software has developed open
multimedia standards for gaming such as SDL, SMPEG and OpenAL(. Nokia
created the OST (Open Standards Terminal) platform for home
applications based on open source technologies such as, Linux, Xfree86
and Mozilla. The OSTprovides a platform for developing applications for
variety of electronic devices, the first of which is the Nokia Media
Terminal. In addition, Nokia recently announced the launch of,
a website dedicated to support developers in the open source community.

"Loki games add great value to our Media Terminal product," said
Nelgér, Head of Product Management, Nokia Home Communications. "Both
Nokia and Loki Software will work together to open up access to more
Linux games from the comfort of the living room. This collaboration
hand in hand with Nokia's commitment to continuous development of new
interesting products and applications for home environment. "

"The Nokia Media Terminal represents a new breed of product which
combines ease of use with a rich set of innovative features seamlessly
integrated into a single device--and the technology that makes this
possible is Open Source software and the Linux OS," said Scott Draeker,
President, Loki Software. "Nokia has taken a leading role in bringing
stability, speed and features of Linux to the home consumer and it is
users who will benefit. Loki, as the leading publisher of games for
Linux, is committed to open source software and the development of open

Nokia is demonstrating the Media Terminal and will show the
open source network at the E3 exhibition in Los Angeles 16-19 May.

About Nokia
Nokia is the world leader in mobile communications. Backed by its
experience, innovation, user-friendliness and secure solutions, the
company has become the leading supplier of mobile phones and a leading
supplier of mobile, fixed and IP networks. By adding mobility to the
Internet Nokia creates new opportunities for companies and further
enriches the daily lives of people. Nokia is a broadly held company
listings on six major exchanges.

About Loki Software, Inc.
Founded in 1998 in Orange County, California, Loki is the leading
publisher of games for Linux. Titles from Loki include Sid Meier's
Centauri Planetary Pack, Tribes 2 and SimCity 3000 Unlimited. In
to this arsenal of games, Loki has initiated and continues to support
several Open Source development projects, including OpenAL(, a
cross-platform 3D-Audio Library, and SDL MPEG Player Library (SMPEG), a
general-purpose MPEG video/audio player for Linux. For more information

Linux is a registered trademark of Linux Torvalds. All company and
product names are the trademarks, registrations, or copyrights of their
respective owners.

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