June 9, 2006

Nokia releases Linux Tablet OS 2006 BETA

Devesh Kothari writes "Nokia releases Linux Tablet OS 2006 Edition BETA and SDK for developers

Nokia today announced the release and availability of BETA version of Internet Tablet OS 2006 Edition for Nokia 770 Internet Tablet and Maemo 2.0 BETA SDK for application developers. The release is targeted specifically for developers to enable porting Maemo 1.1 applications to Maemo 2.0.

The Internet Tablet OS 2006 edition is a new software upgrade for the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet and was introduced in May 2006. It is scheduled to be available 2nd quarter 2006. New features of the OS 2006 edition include support for rich Internet communications, including pre-installed Google Talk(TM) - all on a portable broadband mobile device. The OS 2006 edition delivers VoIP/IM capabilities using the Telepathy/Farsight open source Real Time Communication Framework.

Maemo 2.0 is an application development platform for the Nokia 770 OS 2006 Edition, providing an easy to use application development environment for developers. Maemo 2.0 brings many new features for developers and moves to new EABI toolchains, introducing a major binary break requiring all Maemo 1.1 applications to be ported to Maemo 2.0."

Link: maemo.org

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