May 30, 2005

Nokia Selects OpenedHand for new Linux Tablet

Matthew Allum writes "LONDON, England - 25 May 2005: OpenedHand Limited are pleased to announce their past two year involvement in the development of the new Linux powered Nokia 770 Internet Tablet. Nokia extensively used OpenedHand's expertise in Open Source embedded development to aid the delivery of their new device to market.

Nokia selected OpenedHand's 'Matchbox' window management software to
provide a flexible lightweight user interface base. Matchbox has a key
and important role within the the new platform. Nokia funded numerous
Open Source improvements to Matchbox to better fit their platform
requirements. Matchbox was originally created to improve the
suitability of the powerful X Window system on mobile platforms,
leveraging the enormous pre-existing base of software and toolkits to
such a platform. OpenedHand are highly skilled in adapting the royalty
free liberally licensed X window system to embedded devices.

OpenedHand's services were additionally required to; develop bespoke
open source development and testing tools for the platform, optimise
various components throughout the system and regularly provide advice
on system architecture during the development cycle.

Carlos Guerreiro of Nokia Multimedia said "OpenedHand has done great
work enhancing the Matchbox Window Manager to meet the needs of the
Maemo Platform and the Nokia 770 Internet Tablet while keeping it
generic and usable across a wide range of handheld devices. In
addition, they've made substantial contributions to improving the
performance and reducing the memory consumption of key software
components used in the Nokia 770, such as the X Window system and

OpenedHand looks forward to working with Nokia in the future to
further improve upon this exciting new platform.

About OpenedHand Ltd:
OpenedHand Limited is a privately owned open source development team
based in London, England. OpenedHand has unique skills and experience
in royalty free embedded open source software, ranging from low level
kernel development to user interface work. OpenedHand develops unique
open source software as well as contributing to numerous free software
community's including,, the Linux kernel,
OpenEmbedded, GNOME, GTK and GPE.

For additional information, please visit

Media Enquiries:

Matthew Allum
OpenedHand Ltd
Phone: +44 (0)208 676 4077

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