November 16, 2003

Nokia's N-Gage suffers blow as hackers crack games security code

SarsSmarz writes "Hot on the heels of exploding batteries, Nokia finds that its N-gage games can be cracked. They had intended to make more money on the locked-software than the actual phones. As reported elsewhere, this has been a bad week for Finland, where apparently every time Nokia stock falls a point, somebody jumps out a window. Lucky for them, their log cabins are only single story. (Just kidding Big Finnish Linux Guy!)"

HELSINKI, (AFP) - Nokia (news - web sites)'s foray onto the mobile entertainment market, the N-Gage gaming deck, was dealt a blow this week when hackers were able to crack the security codes protecting its games from being pirated, with illegal copies being posted on the Internet.

This means the games can now be downloaded by anybody and will work on any handset running Nokia's Series 60 software platform, used in N-Gage and its 3650 and 7650 camera phones, as well as some models made by Siemens and UK-based Sendo.


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