February 2, 2007

Nomachine NX server

Guest writes "In this article, I'm going to describe my first attempt at installing and trying out CentOS's packages on RHEL4 for Nomachine's NX server. I never had time to do it before, but it was well worth the journey of discovery. Compared to VNC, it's amazingly fast, and quite straightforward to set up using the CentOS packages for RHEL4, so you can make all your "hosted" C developers much happier by giving them speedy access to the desktop of their RHEL4 hosted box, right from their "standard-issue" Microsoft Windows desktop machines. As I understand it, the NX client that Nomachine make available for free download is still proprietary; however, Nomachine makes the sources for Linux available under GPL, so I'm not quite sure how all that works out."

Link: linuxgazette.net


  • Linux
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