April 12, 2005

The notebook of the future

Anonymous Reader writes "From technological and design point of view, the notebook has never ceased to be a source of surprises. From futuristic colors to ultra high tech designs and ultra shock resistant cases the notebook has tried them all.

In the last time, it looks like the searches have stopped and that there are two trends that dominate the notebook industry.

The first one considers the notebook the replacement of the desktop and consequently the producers fit their computers with the latest 3D graphic chipsets and a lot of multimedia options at the expense of battery life and weight.

The followers of the second trend consider that mobility has to be the key feature of the notebooks, and therefore a weight bigger than 1.5 kilograms is regarded as blasphemy. It doesnât matter that such a notebook is starting to look like a keyboard that has a LCD attached to it and that producers are giving up on every component that can add to the weight of the notebook: optical devices, supplementary batteries, or high capacity hard disks; the components are still available but only in the form of docks.

But the producers are not the ones behind these trends; they only comply with the preferences expressed by users. Hence, none of these trends will be given up in the near future, but the new technologies implemented in the following years could lead to a compromise: state of the art notebooks which are light and slim.

So, what does the future hold for notebooks?"

Link: news.softpedia.com

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