October 15, 2009

Notes from FOSSBazaar Meeting at Open World Forum

Article Source FOSSBazaar
October 15, 2009, 7:28 am

We had a very productive FOSSBazaar meeting at Open World Forum in Paris earlier this month. The slides of the presentations are available and here are some notes about the meeting. We identified a number of issues that people are interested in, including:

  • What kind of terms should you put into the contract with sub-contractors regarding open source?
  • Many people are new to open source and don't fully understand the terms of different licenses. It would therefore be nice to have plain English descriptions of the key points of open source licenses.
  • Someone mentioned an internal project they're working on that they'd like to make available as open source. He asked how to justify efforts related to opening the code and establishing a community to management. We had an interesting discussion about it but this seems this subject deserves more discussion.
  • There was a lot of discussion about issues related to license/copyright information and compliance. This is an area of interest to many of our members and we'll pursue how we can collaboratively collect such data.

Finally, Mike Mahemoff blogged about the FOSSBazaar meeting so it's worth checking out his notes.

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