January 14, 2002

Notice of opportunity to showcase Open Source/Free Software projects for e-government

Author: JT Smith

Cyberspace Policy Institute at The George Washington University has made arrangements
with the General Services Administration (GSA) to showcase mature Open Source/Free
Software projects to senior e-Gov officials each month in Washington D.C. for the next 12
months. The sessions will run about 2-3 hours and 1 or 2 projects will be highlighted each month.

If you want to send representatives to demonstrate your Open Source/Free Software project or
you want more information, please contact me at:

Tony Stanco, Esq.
Senior Policy Analyst
Open Source and e-Gov
Cyberspace Policy Institute
George Washington University
2033 K Street N.W., Suite 340
Washington, DC 20006
202-994-5513 Fax:202-994-5505

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