August 4, 2003

NovaStor releases NovaNET 9 for Multi-Operating System Backup

Simi Valley, CA - August 4th, 2003 - NovaStor Corporation today releases NovaNET
9, a flexible backup system for Windows, Netware and Linux. NovaNET 9 provides a
cost-effective system for backing up single or multiple operating systems
environments and is truly scalable to meet a wide range of user needs, providing
end-to-end data protection for the desktop, workgroup or enterprise, whether the
user is a small company with a single server or a large company with hundreds of

Using NovaNET 9's modular "building block" approach, administrators can
implement their custom data protection solutions to protect against data loss
and file corruption, while ensuring rapid recovery from disk or system failure

NovaNET 9 supports backup for cross-platform environments to meet the demands of
users with mixed operating systems installed, all of which can be centrally
managed through its common graphical user interface. Convenient features for
remote administration, distributed backup processing, redundant tape drives,
virtual-tape-on-disk and disaster recovery are seamlessly integrated and can be
enabled to fit the user's requirements. Additional online data protection
plug-in services are available to support Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL and
open file backup. Whatever the user environment, NovaNET 9 easily and
economically adapts to ensure complete data protection.

Pricing for NovaNET 9 starts at $199 for a peer-to-peer network and $399 for a
single server environment ranging upward as server and file protection needs

NovaStor Corporation

Since 1987, NovaStor Corporation has been a leading developer of backup and
disaster recovery solutions for Windows, NetWare and Linux platforms. NovaStor
specializes in bringing reliable and cost-effective data protection solutions to
small businesses and individuals around the world. NovaStor Corporation - a
company that acts like a startup but has the stability of 15 years of history


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