Novell Boosts and Microsoft Office

Novell today announced
that the Novell(R) edition of the office productivity suite
will now support the Office Open XML format, increasing interoperability
between and the next generation of Microsoft Office. Novell
is cooperating with Microsoft and others on a project to create
bi-directional open source translators for word processing, spreadsheets
and presentations between and Microsoft Office, with the
word processing translator to be available first, by the end of January
2007. The translators will be made available as plug-ins to Novell’s product. Novell will release the code to integrate the Open
XML format into its product as open source and submit it for inclusion in
the project. As a result, end users will be able to more
easily share files between Microsoft Office and, as
documents will better maintain consistent formats, formulas and style
templates across the two office productivity suites.