Novell Completes the Linux Spectrum with Moblin Technology


Article Source MoblinZone

Novell is looking to Moblin technology to plug a hole in its spectrum of desktop Linux products. The distributor of SUSE Linux has chosen to base its nettop and netbook product on the Moblin stack. Novell’s Moblin technology complements SUSE Linux versions aimed at the desktop and the enterprise.

“We believe our version of Moblin completes our entire Linux desktop offering when combined with SUSE Linux desktop and SUSE Enterprise,” says Kevin Foster, Client Operating Systems Senior Solutions Manager at Novell. “We now have the most complete portfolio of products for the desktop user.”

Novell sees its offering using the Moblin stack as completing the company’s lineup of Linux products for the desktop. It supplements versions of SUSE Linux aimed at the desktop and the enterprise, Foster says…

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