March 10, 2004

Novell Events Focus on Linux and Open Source

Chuck Talk writes "Novell has announced two events today that will be pivotal in its continuing expansion into the Linux and Open Source community. First up, the Desktop Linux Summit announced this morning that Novell will be joining as a participating sponsor for this year's conference in San Diego, California at the Del Mar Fairgrounds, April 22nd and 23rd, 2004.

Novell will join such other notables such as
Red Hat, Sun Microsystems, Seagate and Lindows as official sponsors of the event. The Desktop Linux Summit has moved venues this year to accomdate more attendees and exhibits, and it is certain to attract quite a crowd this year.

The featured speaker this year will be Jef Raskin, author of The Human Interface, also known for his work on the Apple Macintosh, click-and-drag selection and other inventions. The event will also feature Debian, KDE, Garage Games, OSDir, Revelation Software, Linux Weekly News, NeTraverse, and Register, a diverse collection who will be on hand to demonstrate their Linux products and how it can benefit organizations across the board.

Last year's Desktop Linux Summit sold out one month in advance of its opening, so those interested in participating are encouraged to register early. If you are interested in attending the event (lucky you!), you should contact:"



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