February 3, 2004

Novell Linux Dominates LinuxWorld 2004

Novell is well on its way to being the number one enterprise and desktop GNU-Linux distributor. It might be there already. Novell dominated last
week's LinuxWorld Exposition.

Novell will push Red Hat out of its slot as the number one Linux distributor. It will eclipse IBM in the enterprise software arena. And it will help
the Linux community to pull the GNU-Linux operating system installed-base ahead of the Microsoft operating system installed-base.

Novell was well into integrating its software portfolio with the GNU-Linux operating system before it acquired SUSE Linux. Moreover, SUSE already was
a top-notch Linux distribution before Novell acquired it. But a SUSE-based Novell Linux is going to be tough to beat.

Link: MozillaQuest.com


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