March 22, 2004

Novell Offers New Linux Certification

Novell Inc. announced Monday at its 20th annual
BrainShare show here that it is launching immediately its newest
certification: the Novell Certified Linux Engineer (CLE)

Novell pioneered the now popular certification programs for IT
technicians and administrators. In 1990, the company created the
Certified Network Engineer--now Novell Engineers (CNEs)--program that
would assure both individuals and companies that certified IT workers
could deliver the goods. Now Novell is hoping that, just as the CNE
went a long way toward establishing NetWare as a powerful server
operating system, the same will happen with the CLE.

"Maximizing the power of Linux and making it a reality within an
organization takes trained engineers with the credentials to
administer, troubleshoot and support it," said Ptarmi Kilgore,
marketing manager for Novell Training Services. "Organizations looking
to adopt Linux need to know there's a pool of expertise they can tap
into to install and manage those environments."



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