March 16, 2004

Novell plugs open source, dings SCO

Open-source software is forcing improvement in the computing industry, and the SCO Group's attack on Linux is wrongheaded, a senior
Novell executive said Tuesday.

Novell, which bought No. 2-ranked SuSE Linux earlier this year, believes the intellectual property foundations of open-source software are sound,
Novell Vice Chairman Chris Stone said during his keynote speech at the Open Source Business Conference here. And the Waltham, Mass.-based company is
using its position as an earlier owner of Unix to counteract SCO's attack.

"We still own Unix. We believe Unix is not in Linux and that Linux is a free and open distribution--and should be and always will be," Stone said. In
a jab at SCO Chief Executive Darl McBride, he added, "Sorry, Darl. Al Gore didn't invent the Internet, and you didn't invent Linux or intellectual
property law."

SCO, a company that bought Unix intellectual property in 2001 and asserts ownership of Unix copyrights, argues that Linux infringes its Unix
intellectual property. The company is suing Linux users as well as IBM over the matter. Novell, an earlier Unix owner, argues it still owns the Unix
copyrights, which has forced SCO to sue to settle the matter.



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