November 9, 2003

Novell plumps up for the table

SarsSmarz writes "The holiday season approaches, and this article's viewpoint is that Novell has made all these Linux purchases for one reason: to appear more appetizing."

Now that the initial reactions to Novell's (Nasdaq: NOVL) US$210 million acquisition of SuSE Linux have passed -- and questions on the who, what, when and how much of the deal have been answered -- the broader implications are beginning to hit home in the Linux community.

For example, what, if anything, does this mean for the SCO Group's legal action against IBM? (Really, no one knows -- although Novell is confident it is on safe ground.) Also, how serious a challenge will this present to Microsoft in the server marketplace? (A much more serious challenge than either SuSE on its own, or Novell on its own, or Red Hat)


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