March 21, 2007

Novell Shows Approach to Helping Customers

AlexGr writes "In his first keynote speech as Novell president and CEO at his company's annual BrainShare conference, Ron Hovsepian presented a two-prong approach to helping customers, while explaining its controversial deal with Microsoft. The first prong of the strategy involves delivering enterprisewise Linux to customers, with a desktop-to-data center offering that positions customers with a platform for growth and innovation. The second prong focuses on enterprise management services, which includes supporting open-source and mixed environments; working with others to allow integrated, interoperable solutions; and providing simplified management. Regarding the recent deal with Microsoft, Hovsepian called it an ecosystem change for Novell, and "this deal was done for one reason—the customer. This was all about driving customers to make their lives easier, and about interoperability.”"


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