October 31, 2003

Novell Surrounds Microsoft Exchange 2003 on Linux and Solaris

Novell announced support for Microsoft Exchange 2003 via its Ximian Connector for Microsoft Exchange, allowing Linux and Sun Solaris clients the same
rights, privileges, and controls when attached to Exchange as a Windows e-mail client.

With it, Linux desktop users can manage their e-mail, calendars, group schedules, address books, public folders, and tasks in Exchange. Ximian is the
company that Novell bought in August; Ximian has worked on the Gnome desktop GUI for Linux and the acquisition underlined a strategic switch to Linux
for Novell.

At the time Novell made a huge commitment to Linux, shifting all of its leading revenue earners (such as Groupwise and eDirectory) onto Linux. The
company is making a strategy of surrounding Windows environments with Linux-based options.

Link: esj.com


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