NSA Director Wolf Keynotes SELinux Symposium

Nancy Carr writes “NSA Information Assurance Director Announced as Keynote Speaker for the
First Security-Enhanced Linux Symposium.
Event slated for March 2-4, 2005 in Silver Spring, Md.

SILVER SPRING, Md. – January 25, 2005 – Daniel G. Wolf, director of the Information Assurance Directorate at the National Security Agency (NSA) will be the keynote speaker at the inaugural Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux) Symposium, scheduled for March 2-4 in Silver Spring, Md.

Mr. Wolf has worked for 37 years in a variety of technical and analytic organizations within NSA. His Information Assurance Directorate ensures, through ongoing contact with NSA’s customers, that the Information Assurance (IA) programs of the NSA continue to evolve to meet the challenges of their current and future requirements for secure communications and networks, providing IA technical consulting services and high assurance products to the nation. The NSA originally developed and publicly released SELinux as a foundation for incorporating high-end security access controls features into mainstream open source technology.

Mr. Wolf will discuss NSA’s role in software assurance for the nation, and how emerging technologies are helping to address the network security challenges of both the United States Government and private industry.

About the SELinux Symposium

The Security-Enhanced Linux (SELinux) Symposium is an annual exchange of ideas, technology, and research involving SELinux. SELinux is emerging technology that adds flexible, strong mandatory access control security to Linux. The inaugural Symposium is schedule for March 2-4, 2005 in Silver Spring, Maryland and is sponsored by Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Red Hat, and Tresys Technology. The event brings together experts from business, government, and academia to share research, development, and application experiences using SELinux. For information on registration and sponsorship opportunities, see www.selinux-symposium.org or send an e-mail to info@selinux-symposium.org.”

Link: selinux-symposium.org


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