March 22, 2001

NTT DoCoMo open's i-mode

Author: JT Smith

silver writes "As I have done for the last two year with my i-mode phone I log into my web server using SSL and check if the server is running correctly and if there are any email's, answer them and close all while I sit on the toilet. Only problem is that I can only do it in from my PC or my NTT DoCoMo phone, but this is all about to change. NTT DoCoMo plans to open its i-mode Internet communication service network for cellular phones to other telecommunication operators by the spring of 2003, just in time for Christmas and a US launch. What does that mean? Well imagine i-mode as an operating layer or protocal for ever other application out there, i-mode in the toaster, i-mode in fridge. It seems i-mode and NTT plan i-mode to be the next generation of internet operating systems for embeded hardware and with already 20 million subscribers I think of it as a standard soon :)"
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