July 22, 2001

*Nuke version ID standard proposed by PostNuke.com

Author: JT Smith

Harry Zink writes, Proposed *Nuke Version ID Standard
written 07/22/2001 by Harry Zink (harry at fizbin.com) published under the GNU Free Documentation License

With the varying and different versions of *Nuke derivatives/forks existing, it might be critical for a modules developer make their module aware of differences in the various *Nuke distributions.

In order to facilitate this task, the PostNuke development team has added additional identification variables to PostNuke's config.php file, namely, in the case of PostNuke 0.6 (mutant):

$Version_Num = "0.6";
$Version_ID = "PostNuke";
$Version_Sub = "Mutant";

Of these three, $Version_Num is a direct take-over from the original PHPNuke variable (which always contained the regular version number), while $Version_ID and $Version_Sub were added. These variables serve to provide additional information 'slices' to developers.

While these variables, and this method can be used to recognize version number, ID, and sub-release IDs of PostNuke, we would like to open the use of these variables up to the wider *Nuke community of forks, derivatives, and, of course, the original PHP-Nuke.

We invite all such projects to adopt and integrate this variable and versioning structure, in order to make life easier on those developing add-ons for the ever growing family of *Nuke-based weblogs. Even if you are part of a project that no longer includes a config.php file, create one, containing just those three variables.

Widespread adoption of this will hopefully aid and assist our friends in the burgeoning modules and add-on developer community, as well as help make modules and add-ons available and accessible to the widest range of systems, and their users.


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