January 7, 2002

NuSphere introduces improved team development capabilities for deploying Web-based applications

Author: JT Smith

NuSphere Corporation today announced a new
version of NuSphere(R) Pro Advantage that improves application development
in group settings. Specifically, NuSphere Advantage V2.4 gives development
teams the version control and collaboration tools they need to create and
deploy web-based applications by adding tools including WebDAV (Web-based
Distributed Authoring and Versioning) and CVS (Concurrent Version Systems).
These upgrades continue NuSphere's strategy of quarterly product rollouts,
ensuring customers the latest in technology and reliability.

NuSphere Pro
Advantage gives web application developers both the scalability and
manageability of a proprietary platform, and the affordability and
reliability of standards-based technologies such as PHP and Apache.

Web development teams are often geographically dispersed, gathering
information from diverse sources. With enhanced collaboration tools,
developers can work together in the next office, or accept contributions
from anywhere on the Internet. NuSphere PHPEd(TM) Advantage allows
enterprise developers to create and debug web applications through a single
IDE, and with these additions, multiple developers can collaborate on
projects directly through the IDE.

"This product has allowed us to successfully utilize a decentralized team
of programmers and decrease our development cost. It streamlines the
management of group projects and helps us save time and money for our
clients," said Principal Michael Soracchi of struXsure Inc.
(http://www.struXsure.com). "With the addition of CVS and WebDAV, NuSphere
again is leading the way for PHP development. We have been using Pro
Advantage since last summer because we feel NuSphere offers the best
solution for PHP developers. Our developers can now push their
contributions to a central server, allowing simplified management of code
revisions, which will dramatically decrease our time to production.
NuSphere Pro Advantage is what struXsure is all about; as a business
solutions provider, it helps us to leverage our extensive experience
developing and implementing business driven technology solutions, meets all
of our core requirements and at the same time helps us lower our technology
costs, a grand slam for a growing company like struXsure. We love the product."

"Issues such as controlling concurrent access to key aspects of a
development project, configuration management and code coordination, become
increasingly difficult with each additional developer working on a
project," said Lorne Cooper, president of NuSphere. "NuSphere's new,
integrated collaboration tools solve these problems by providing developers
with a distributed development environment linked to a central source for
their project. With these tools, NuSphere extends our affordable platform
for developing and deploying Internet applications, including all the
necessary development, collaboration and security components, from small
teams to both small and large groups."

NuSphere Advantage V2.4 further expands on the company's commitment to
provide users the best tools to build and deploy reliable, cost-effective,
enterprise-class applications. Specifically, NuSphere Pro Advantage now
includes the following:

Push-Button Deployment: WebDAV enables groups of developers to
collaborate on producing web sites over the Internet. Once WebDAV makes
documents available for editing on the web, collaboration is greatly
simplified. For example, if a person begins to work on a single author
document, adding another collaborator is easy, requiring just a change in
permissions to allow access to a document. This gives projects "push-button
deployment," where everyone authorized can access files, edit them and
publish them.

Team Collaboration: Developers working on a team need to be able to
coordinate their individual changes, as well as work together. A
centralized version control system enables this process. Offering one of
the key features needed in open source development, CVS uses an unreserved
check-out model-one that doesn't lock out other developers' rights to that
file. Developers can organize their code contributions by keeping a history
of the changes made to a specified set of files. This permits a group of
developers to simultaneously work on a project and submit changes. Multiple
developers can access and edit the same, and CVS can automatically merge
the changes. With a CVS server, developers can contribute from all over the

NuSphere® Advantage Availability
NuSphere Advantage V2.4, which includes CVS and WebDAV, is currently
available online for the entire Advantage product line: NuSphere Pro
Advantage, NuSphere PHPEd Advantage and NuSphere MySQL Advantage. For
NuSphere PHPEd Advantage and Pro Advantage customers, this upgrade will
also include additional feature enhancements for PHPEd. NuSphere Advantage
subscribers receive free quarterly updates comprising technology
enhancements that build off of its core components. Pricing and further
documentation for each software suite is available at www.nusphere.com.

About NuSphere Corporation
NuSphere delivers the first Internet Application Platform (IAP) based on
open source components, providing an integrated foundation that allows
companies to deploy reliable, cost-effective, enterprise-class applications
across Windows, UNIX and Linux environments. NuSphere® Advantage is an
integrated software suite that pairs the reliability and cost-effectiveness
of Apache, MySQL, Perl and PHP with new technology for building
business-critical web applications. NuSphere Pro Advantage was named "Best
Developer Tool" at LinuxWorld Fall 2001. Based in Bedford, Mass., the
company's commercial software services include technical support,
consulting and training. For more information, visit www.nusphere.com or
call +1-781-280-4600.

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NuSphere is a registered trademark in Australia and Norway; and NuSphere,
NuSphere MySQL and PHPEd are trademarks of NuSphere Corporation in the U.S.
and other countries. MySQL AB has applied for trademark registration of
MySQL. Any other trademarks and/or service marks contained herein are the
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