July 17, 2001

NuSphere launches MySQL.org

Author: JT Smith

NuSphere Corporation announced today (July 16)
the launch of MySQL.org, a Web site designed to provide MySQL
developers and the open source community with an independent forum
for sharing code and ideas surrounding the use of this leading open
source database. MySQL.org will serve as an incubator of innovation
for open source developers who are not prepared to pay licensing
fees or buy commercial products. MySQL is a leading open source
database with users such as Yahoo!, Dow Jones and NASA.

Anyone visiting MySQL.org will be able to freely re-distribute the
source code and binaries offered under the General Public License
(GPL). Since there will be no commercial considerations to restrict
technical developments, MySQL.org will contain the best and most
current ideas and contributions. NuSphere will fulfill its
commitment, announced in January 2001 [see release at
http://www.nusphere.com/releases/013001.htm], to make Gemini
available under GPL at MySQL.org. Gemini is the table type that
gives the MySQL database transactional, row-level locking

Motivating factors behind the decision to launch MySQL.org

MySQL AB, a Swedish company, develops and markets the MySQL
database server through MySQL.com. Recently, MySQL AB has taken
venture funding, hired a new CEO and become more commercially

Red Hat's move into the open source database market, aligned with
PostgreSQL, further underscores the need for a unifying forum for
the MySQL community.

"MySQL.org is designed to more clearly separate church and state
for the MySQL community. Developers will not encounter licensing
demands or sales calls with MySQL.org, as they may with the
MySQL.com Web site," said Britt Johnston, chief technology officer,
NuSphere. "Now that Red Hat is promoting PostgreSQL, NuSphere felt
it was even more important that MySQL have a strong and vibrant
open source community."

MySQL.org will be a community-driven site with NuSphere's support,
much the same way IBM backs the Apache Software Foundation's
Apache.org site. NuSphere is launching the Web site to guarantee
that MySQL developers and supporters continue to get the best open
source information and code offered under the GPL. The GPL permits
users to publish their modified versions as long as source code is
made available. A crucial aspect of open source software is that
users are free to cooperate and help each other by sharing
improvements with other users. The decision to establish MySQL.org
was made with the understanding that core changes and contributions
will not be owned by a single party for commercial benefit.

"MySQL is critical to our clients in transportation and
distribution who are required to respond to the information needs
of their customers," said Kevin Krieger, president of Krieger
Consulting Group. "MySQL allows them to scale in a competitive
market place without prohibitive licensing requirements. To be a
successful value-added reseller, I need to show my customers that
their business systems are scalable and supported. Directing
customers to a Web site like MySQL.org provides an unbiased
validation that they have made the best purchase. I will be a
frequent visitor on the site as its existence is going to create an
even better MySQL than available today."

NuSphere market research estimates that there are between one to
three million MySQL servers in use. The MySQL database is being
downloaded at a rate of more than one million downloads per year.
Interest in MySQL.org is strong, as evidenced by the almost 500
users who registered in the first 24 hours. MySQL.org is open to
contributions from other organizations. Organizations and
individuals interested in linking, or contributing code, to
MySQL.org should e-mail support@mysql.org.

"As the open source software community continues to grow, there
will need to be increasing emphasis on creative ways to engender
collaboration and facilitate the development of technology
partnerships and alliances," said Vito Mabrucco, director, software
partnering & alliances at IDC. "MySQL.org provides a structured
approach to help the open source community collaborate to continue
the development of MySQL as an open source database."

About MySQL.org

MySQL.org is being created as a non-profit organization dedicated
to the development and distribution of the open source database
MySQL. The organization will comprise the open source database
community, developers, individuals and institutions who believe in
the continued free exchange of ideas and improvement for open
source development.

About NuSphere Corporation

NuSphere delivers the first Internet Application Platform (IAP)
based on open source components, providing an integrated foundation
that allows companies to deploy reliable, cost-effective,
enterprise-class applications across Windows, UNIX and Linux

NuSphere Advantage is an integrated software suite that pairs the
reliability and cost-effectiveness of Apache, MySQL, Perl and PHP
with new technology for building business-critical Web
applications. Based in Bedford, Mass., the company?s commercial
software services include technical support, consulting and
training. For more information, visit www.nusphere.com or call

NuSphere is a trademark of NuSphere Corporation in the U.S. and other countries; and
NuSphere is a registered trademark in Australia and Norway. MySQL AB has applied for
trademark registration of MySQL.

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