January 16, 2001

NuSphere releases version 1.13.5 of NuSphere MySQL

Author: JT Smith

NuSphere Corporation, provider of NuSphere (TM) MySQL(TM), the leading packaged software product for the open source database marketplace, announced today version 1.13.5 of its distribution. The new version continues to enhance the usability and platform support of NuSphere MySQL for users in Windows, Java, Linux and UNIX environments by including security and database driver compatibility and performance enhancements to applications requiring Perl scripts.
Version 1.13.5 includes two new database drivers for the creation of reports and analysis of usage in the MySQL database. Through MyODBC version 2.50.36, developers in Windows environments will have open database connectivity (ODBC) support. MM.MySQL.JDBC version 2.0.3, a Type-4 Java database connectivity (JDBC) driver under the GNU Library License, will offer Java database connectivity support allowing Java developers to make connections to MySQL servers from both Java applications and applets.

Version 1.13.5 of NuSphere MySQL builds upon previous versions by offering the Apache web server with secure socket layer (SSL) support. As a result, NuSphere MySQL can now be used to control access and ensure the security of critical information.

The newest version of NuSphere MySQL also includes enhanced mod_perl support for Windows. This feature will eliminate the performance limitations associated with running Perl scripts on the Apache server. By embedding the Perl compiler/interpreter, mod_perl NuSphere MySQL developers will now be able to create more scalable database applications with Perl.

"This latest version of NuSphere MySQL demonstrates our commitment to make the MySQL database innovative and usable across a variety of platforms," said D. Britton Johnston, chief technology officer for NuSphere . "We know that MySQL is quickly being adopted for more complex applications. By offering a wide range of compatibility and providing critical tools for developers, NuSphere MySQL 1.13.5 will enable the community to take advantage of the latest technology being utilized throughout the Web and IT environments."

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