August 20, 2001

N.Y. free Sklyarov rally is noon Monday

Author: JT Smith

Noon Monday 20 August 2001 at 41st Street and Fifth Avenue, before the
New York Public Library, on the Island of Manhattan, there will be a
to free Dmitry Sklyarov.

Note that this is not an LXNY event, but rather the fifth of a series
rallies, whose Lead Organizer and First Contact is Leonid Gorkin at or

Do not bring any sticks to this rally. There is a New York City regulation forbidding sticks at gatherings.

The New York City police officers who told us of this regulation were
parfit gentle in their courtesy.

There have been and will be rallies in about twenty cities.

Much of the organizing of New York City Rallies to Free Dmitry take
on the fairuse mailing list of NYFairUse, which list may be joined at

To download a flyer go to:

For more information:

This week's rallies are particularly important. Dmitry's next court
is Thursday 23 August 2001. Before that a grand jury may hand down
charges. Our rallies and all the work of propaganda and education have
been important in reducing the threat facing Dmitry. Dmitry could
still be
prosecuted, despite Adobe's half back-down, and he could be convicted,
which case he may be imprisoned for years.

Why do we rally at the New York Public Library? Because the
Association of
American Publishers has declared that they plan to close down all free
public libraries. Their chosen tool is the Digital Millennium
Act. The DMCA outlaws fair use of books that you, or the library, have
bought and paid for:

We need marchers and leafleteers and copiers of leaflets and designers
leaflets and propagandizers and lobbyists and lawyers and coders and
carriers and publicists and diplomats. Come to the Rally and help!
to the Rally and meet allies!

Dmitry Sklyarov today remains under threat of criminal prosecution
the DMCA. Come to the Rally and help get Dmitry free! Free to go home
free to do his work.

Jay Sulzberger
Corresponding Secretary LXNY
LXNY is New York's Free Computing Organization.

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