December 12, 2001

NYC GNUbies meeting: David Hand on putting together a GNU/Linux box or buying one

Author: JT Smith

"Please note the required IBM security procedures below to be certain
that you will be able to get in."
We are pleased to announce that David Hand (a programmer and system
administrator) will be speaking on "Putting together a Linux Box (or
buying one)" at our GNUbies (GNU/Linux/Free OS Beginners' Group)
meeting tomorrow night.  If you need a new computer and don't want the
OS to self-destruct or invade your privacy, or simply want to run
GNU/Linux because of the things that make it wonderful, you should
attend this meeting.

In addition to the regular general Q&A at the beginning, there will be
plenty of opportunity to ask questions about putting together or buying
a computer to run GNU/Linux.  The details are as follows:

Wednesday December 12th, 2001
6:30-7:00 PM General Questions & Answers
7:00 PM David Hand on "Putting together a Linux Box (or buying one)"
    with topic specific Q&A
at: The IBM Building, 590 Madison Ave.
(57th Street and Madison Avenue)

(prerequisite procedures: you must first email your name as indicated
below and you must bring photo ID)

As always the most up-to-date and accurate information can be
found on the web site at

IBM has asked us to implement these security measures for our
meetings.  In particular, it will be necessary to email us your name
in advance if you plan to attend so that we can give them a list of
the people who will be attending.  It will also be necessary to bring
photo ID in order to get in to the meeting.  We regret the need for
these measures.  Our contact person at IBM has assured us that this
list of names will be used for security purposes only (i.e. that no
commercial use will be made of the list).  Please send email to with the Subject "Dec list" (note this is a
"plus" not the letter "t").  Sorry for the inconvenience.

You can use or send return mail with your
name as the top line.

We look forward to seeing you at this meeting.

The GNU/Linux/FreeOS Beginners' Group
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