February 20, 2001

NYLUG meeting: A day in the life of a Slashdot poster

Author: JT Smith

Please join us for a glimpse into "A Day in the life of a Slashdot
Poster". Our presenters will be michael (Michael Sims) and timothy
(Timothy Lord) of /. fame. Timothy and Michael will discuss Slashdot's
history, what it's like working on one of the busiest sites on the
and other issues of importance to the Linux and Open Source community.
IBM Headquarters Building
590 Madison Avenue at 57th Street
Check in at lobby for badge and room number.

As a special treat, attendees will be given an inside look into the
"Bender" release of Slashcode, the Perl programming that produces the
Slashdot site. Also, thanks to Peter Norton, who will be providing us
with wireless mobile Internet access so that we can peer into the dark
corners of Slashdot at the meeting.

About Slashdot...

Slashdot, the "News for Nerds, Stuff that Matters" weblog site, serves
about 30 million page views per month. Slashdot is also a committed
shop, running the site on VA Linux servers under Debian Linux.

Slashdot is also helping fund development efforts with the mySQL team
add database replication and rollback capabilities to mySQL, one of
most widely used SQL engines under Linux.

Prepare to be Slashdotted!

And then after the meeting... Join us around 8:15pm or so at the
Brewery & Restaurant located at 22 East 54th Street between Madison
5th Aves.

March 2001 Meeting Preview:
We are pleased to announce that Donald Becker, known to most as the
source of NIC drivers that actually work, and to many as the Beowulf
Guy, will be returning to NYLUG in March. Donald is the Chief
Technical Officer and acting president of Scyld Computing Corporation,
which develops and supports high performance computing solutions based
on Open Source systems such as Linux Beowulf clusters.

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version of this announcement, complete with graphics and additional
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