February 20, 2002

NYLUG meets tonight: Topic is Wireless public networking

Author: JT Smith

NYLUG will meet Wednesday 20 February 2002 in the IBM building at 57th Street
and Madison Avenue. You must register in advance to attend, or have registered for an earlier NYLUG meeting in the IBM building. Particulars below in official

Eating and drinking after the formal meeting is now at The Old Stand
at 914 Third Avenue, near 55th Street, on the Island of the Manahattoes.

Official NYLUG announcement below.

Jay Sulzberger, secretary@lxny.org
Corresponding Secretary LXNY
LXNY is New York's Free Computing Organization


Terry Schmidt
of NYCwireless on
Wireless Public Networking

IBM Headquarters Building
590 Madison Avenue at 57th Street

** RSVP Instructions**
Unless you have already rsvp'ed for a prior meeting, everyone needs to
rsvp to attend the meeting.
mailto: jgleason@nylug.org Subject: RSVP - NYLUG - FEB - your name
Check in with photo ID at the lobby for badge and room number.

Wireless Public Networking

Please join us for a presentation on wireless public networking.
Terry Schmidt, of NYCwireless will be speaking to us, to explain
the why of public networks, and how it's done. We will also hear
about the current state of affairs of the NYCwireless network.

Currently using 802.11b, "Wi-Fi", NYCwireless has 39 access points,
including parks, and has grown beyond the confines of the city limits
to include nodes on Long Island, Westchester, and New Jersey. Terry
Schmidt will discussing the technology and processes of creating and
using free public wireless networks. NYCwireless has done everything
from professional antennas to Pringles can antennas, from street
corners to public parks, Linux to NetBSD.

NYCwireless, which has a mailing list, provides resources and
assistance with creating public Internet space. Following the
September 11 attack, NYCwireless helped provide Internet access
to businesses whose normal access was down.

Whether you're interested in the technical aspects, social aspects,
or both, you won't want to miss this meeting!


About the speaker:

Terry Schmidt is co-founder of NYCwireless, which provides free
public wireless Internet access to the New York City community and
beyond. It seeks to build on the philosophies of Open Source and
Free Software and create a philosophy and application of Open

NYCwireless is a volunteer group constructing a community owned
network of computers that share Internet access over radio
connections. Each access point is run independently by volunteers
with their own equipment. IEEE 802.11b wireless Ethernet provides
Internet access to mobile computers, PDAs and desktops without
connection cables.

Did you know?

Anthony Townsend and Terry Schmidt were featured in a CNN Moneyline
report about public WiFi networks? (MPEG and Real Media)

NYLUG's own Aaron Grogan is the NYCWireless Wireless Cloud SIG
leader. "CloudSIG's mission is to build a wireless network backbone,
oftentimes called a wireless network cloud. A wireless cloud is like
an Internet backbone in many respects. Unlike conventional
backbones, however, the nodes in our backbone will connect through
user-owned and user-managed wireless links." (NYC Wireless MAN

Why is this woman smiling?

Another successful LinuxWorld Expo in New York, of course!

The NYLUG booth at LinuxWorld Expo was a resounding success thanks
to the hard work of all the volunteers. See expo photos:

Thanks to everyone who participated!

Stammtisch plug:
Have you been to stammtisch lately?

Free Stuff!
Swag of undetermined value and quantity will be distributed on a
first-come, first-served basis. Arrive early for the best pickins!

Immediately after the presentation and continuing at the Old Stand
pub, we will be gathering for a keysigning. So for those who have
keys already, please remember to bring hard-copy printouts of your
40-character key fingerprint. If you haven't created a key yet, our
howto docs are posted here: http://www.nylug.org/keys

And then after the meeting... Join us around 8:15pm or so at the
Old Stand, 914 3rd Ave. on the corner of 55th Street.

Please see our home page at http://www.nylug.org for the HTMLized
version of this announcement, our archives, and a lot of other
good stuff.

Monthly Reminder!
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Special thanks to Ron Guerin for preparing this email announcement, the
web site meeting content, and for his tremendous efforts to organize the
volunteer army at LinuxWorld!

February 2002 - The New York Linux Users Group, NYLUG.org

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