April 20, 2001

Of o-rings, Cinnabons and the freshmeat crowd

Author: JT Smith

From a commentary on LinuxPlanet: "When Nat Friedman of Ximian popped up in LinuxToday's talkbacks recently, in fact, to briefly lay to rest the
sense that his recent retirement from the CEO business (he's becoming the VP of Product Management at the
company) was some sort of coup, he addressed that very issue by saying Ximian won't be catering to 'the freshmeat

I don't think that means 'people who visit freshmeat.' I think it means ravening software fanatics who expected Ximian
would have everything nicely packaged up for them the day after GNOME 1.4's release." (Freshmeat, the site, not the crowd, is a member of OSDN, as is NewsForge.)


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