November 24, 2005

O3 Magazine Issue 1 Released

James Hollingshead writes "The premier issue of O3 magazine is now available online. The focus of O3 is on the use of Free and Open Source (FOSS) software in Enterprise Data Networking environments. Some articles in O3 will introduce open source solutions, while some are designed to demonstrate how to integrate open source solutions with leading Enterprise Data Networking hardware from a wide variety of vendors.

Each month O3 magazine looks at bleeding edge open source solutions related to Enterprise Data Networking.

Since it would be hypocritical to produce an open source business magazine using proprietary tools, all of the authors for the magazine use Open Office, the page layouts and exporting to pdf are done with Scribus, and graphics are done in the Gimp.

We’d like to thank our sponsors (which include Nortel, Level 5 Networks, Mandriva, and many others) for standing behind us while we worked hard to get this first issue out the door. We’d also like to thank the community for providing the tools to make it possible to write a business worthy magazine on open source and, of course, all of our readers.

It’s our first issue, so please be kind. It’s been an interesting and positive experience making it this far. We hope that you enjoy it and we welcome all constructive feedback."

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