November 13, 2002

ObjectAssembler Professional 2.5 Now Available

(Milford, MA, USA: November 12, 2002) ObjectVenture Inc., developer of PCML (Pattern and Component Markup Language) and a premier provider of leading edge J2EE^(TM) development products, today announced the immediate availability of ObjectAssembler Professional 2.5.ObjectAssembler provides developers with the most comprehensive visual Struts development environment available today for the design, development, assembly, and deployment of enterprise and web applications.

"With ObjectAssembler, you can concentrate on developing the functionality of the application and leave the nitty-gritty implementation details to the tool," states Adam Chace, President of Chalk Creek Software, Inc. and co-author of "JSP Custom Tag Libraries" by Manning Press. "I am building my web applications with Struts in less than half the time now. ObjectAssembler's visual development environment coupled with their real time validation and synchronization makes it easier for me to deliver my applications."

As a comprehensive visual enterprise and web-based application development environment, ObjectAssembler allows developers to design, develop, assemble and deploy solutions using visual representations of components, frameworks and assemblies. Automating many of the tedious, complicated, and error-prone implementation tasks inherent in enterprise and web development, ObjectAssembler transforms the traditional integrated development environment (IDE) into an efficient, streamlined environment. This enables developers to focus their attention on creating business logic to solve their unique business challenges rather than being preoccupied by the details and minutia of the underlying infrastructure.

Some of the key features of ObjectAssembler Professional 2.5 include:

* Struts Support: ObjectAssembler is the most complete software development environment available today for using Apache's Struts open source framework for building web applications. ObjectAssembler provides comprehensive and visual support for Struts 1.1 development, including full Tiles and Validator functionality. Using ObjectAssembler for Struts development will enable you to deliver on the demands you face in creating and maintaining web site and enterprise intranets.

* J2EE Support: ObjectAssembler also supports the development, assembly and deployment of J2EE 1.3 applications using EJBs (e.g., entity, session, and message-driven beans), JSPs, Servlets, and JavaBean components. ObjectAssembler provides a visual assembly and deployment of EJBs, web applications and enterprise applications generating standard EJB JAR, WAR and EAR files.

* Intellisynch^(TM): ObjectAssembler provides real-time validation of the application while you are working on it, identifying specification violations and questionable coding practices before they become time-consuming problems. OAP also provides synchronization between the visual representation of an application and its underlying source code. This enables developers then to work with the representation (source or visual) that makes them most productive and switch seamlessly between these if they so desire.

* Virtual IDE (VIDE): ObjectAssembler is internally programmed (code generation, project management, compiling) to a VIDE, which allows all of the tool's functionality to be used inside of popular IDEs. Currently ObjectAssembler provides a complete standalone enterprise development environment as well as plug-in support for Borland's JBuilder, and both Sun's Sun ONE Studio and NetBeans IDEs.

"With ObjectAssembler Pro developers can rapidly develop and maintain enterprise and web-based applications," commented Bill Willis, ObjectVenture's Director of Engineering. "OAP provides developers with an affordable visual development workspace, code synchronization and code validation supporting the development, assembly and deployment of web applications using the Struts open source framework as well as other component technologies such as EJB, JSP, Servlet and JavaBeans."


About ObjectVenture
ObjectVenture Inc. creates cutting-edge J2EE and reusable object technology to deliver advanced solutions for enterprise developers, including PCML (Pattern and Component Markup Language), which brings the openness and flexibility of XML to pattern based development. ObjectVenture is currently developing technologies that finally deliver on the promise of true object reuse. The solution combines Pattern definitions and J2EE objects, which allows developers to both create objects and describe how they interact. ObjectAssembler is a trademark of ObjectVenture, Inc. For more information on ObjectVenture, please visit or call David Abels at (919) 960-9794 ext. 22.


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