July 29, 2005

ObjectWeb announces the availability of a new release

Xavier MOGHRABI writes "XWiki is a quite new project in ObjectWeb. Recently a new major released is out.

  XWiki is a WikiWiki clone written in Java which supports many popular features of other Wikis like:
  - Wiki syntax (uses Radeox engine)
  - Content management (view/edit/preview/save)
  - Version Control
  - Attachments
  - Rights Management
  - Full-text Search

  It also has many advanced features that many other wiki engines lack:
  - Document Templates to ease creation of common documents.
  - Relational Database storage using Hibernate.
  - Design Engine for Meta-Data and Forms.
  - In-place (inline) editing of form information in pages.
  - Powerful programming API in documents (Velocity or Groovy)
  - Search API for more detailed searching in the Meta-Data.
  - Plugin System in Java.
  - Plugin compatibility layer in perl with some TWiki plugins.
  - Scalability and Performance using J2EE.
  - Complete Skin System (templates content as well as CSS).
  - RSS output and display of external RSS feeds
  - Multi-Lingual capabilities
  - XML/RPC Remote API
  - Portlet Integration into eXo Platform
  - Integrated Statistics
  - PDF Export
  - WYSIWYG HTML Editing

  The release XWiki 0.9.840 includes many bug fixes and performance improvements. Some of the exciting new features are:

  - table of contents generation
  - ldap user integration
  - ldap plugin
  - rollback in page history
  - locking on page edit
  - rome plugin
  - support for multiple feeds
  - Alexa web service plugin
  - Google web service plugin
  - AdWords web service plugin
  - Terraserver web service plugin
  - Flickr web service plugin
  - IPResolver web service plugin
  - mail plugin (JavaMail API)
  - GraphViz plugin and macro
  - FreeMind macro
  - hsqldb integration
  - Wiki import and export
  - lazlo integration
  - faster startup for virtual wikis
  - read-only mode
  - admin message of the day

  We hope that your are as excited as we are about the way the XWiki project is evolving and we urge all users to move to this release. Please stay tuned for many more interesting features to come as we integrate some of the work from our Summer of Code students (http://www.xwiki.org/xwiki/bin/view/Dev/SummerOfC ode) !"

Link: ObjectWeb.org

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