January 27, 2005

ObjectWeb announces Winners of Best Use Cases Award

Xavier MOGHRABI writes "Here is a description of each Use Case: - Enterprise Java: production use of ObjectWeb enterprise Java components and platforms

Winner: BroSys, GreCo International / Together Teaml?sungen, Austria

GrECo International is one of the leading insurance brokerage, risk management and employee benefits consultants in Central Eastern Europe. In August 2004 BroSys, an Enhydra Shark- and JaWE-based system developed by Austria-based Together Teaml?sungen went into production at GrEco to administer data for about 20.000 clients, 120.000 insurance contracts, 1.5 million documents providing claim management, commission calculating and commission management features.

About 300 employees in Austria, spread over 9 subsidiaries, are working with this application. It is a mission-critical web application providing advanced features such as document management, multilingualism and complex security. GrEco decided to extend the system to local offices in the Czech Republic and Hungary this year.


- ObjectWeb and Eclipse: use of ObjectWeb and Eclipse projects in synergy

Winner: TumoroteK, Hopital St Louis, Paris, France

TumoroteK is a web application that provides the users with tools to efficiently manage their biological samples banks: storage of materials, clinical and biological data and distribution of materials. It helps oncology researchers share their knowledge and work, building the grounds for a fully collaborative network and so being able to produces a multiplicative effect by efficiently joining the research efforts of all the involved centers. The directorate of hospitals and healthcare organisation (DHOS) of French Health Ministry has launched the project during summer 2002, with the request of the professionals and within the national framework of the Plan Cancer, one of the challenging tasks of the government.

TumoroteK V1.01 is fully operational since December 2004 in the following hospitals: Hopital Saint-Louis (AP-HP), Hospices Civils de Lyon and H?pital Ambroise Par? (AP-HP). TumoroteK is mainly developed under the Eclipse platform, with Lomboz and CVS-SSH2 plug-ins added. It uses JONAS-Tomcat as web Application Server.


- ISV & Integration: commercial offering or development embedding some ObjectWeb components

Winner: OFBiz (Open For Business), Orem, UT, USA

The Open For Business (OFBiz) Project is an open source enterprise automation software project licensed under the MIT Open Source License providing: ERP, CRM, E-Business / E-Commerce, SCM, MRP, CMMS/EAM, etc. It is built on a common architecture using common data, logic and process components. The loosely coupled nature of the applications makes these components easy to understand, extend and customize. Set up in May 2001 by David E. Jones and Andy Zeneski, the community of developers that run the project created an open source application framework, application components and a suite of enterprise applications.

OFBiz relies on ObjectWeb JOTM project and is the core of several commercial offers. Through them, ObjectWeb components have been deployed in production at thousand companies around the world.


- Jury's Special Prize: any use of ObjectWeb components and platforms

Winner: OpenUSS, University of Muenster, Germany

OpenUSS is an e-learning platform operating on the ASP (Application Service Provider) model. It is a part of the CampusSource initiative, set up by the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, to make a common virtual university platform under an open-source license. OpenUSS is implemented in 7 universities in Germany and Mexico. The reliability of the system, critical for all activities of the virtual universities, is now proven: over 10,000 users already rely on it worldwide.

After analyzing different solutions, the development team decided to take on JOnAS because of its simplicity. The presentation layer uses Enhydra as a servlet container. Its unique XMLC technology provides a powerful framework for separating the user-interface design and the business logic development.


The other Use Case Nominees were :
        * Abacus, Austria
        * Ascert, USA
        * Atlassian Software Systems, Australia
        * CIGNEX Technologies Inc., USA
        * CNAF, France
        * Dpi SoftWare, France
        * DPMA (French Ministry of Finances), France
        * Funambol, Italy
        * Galatea IS Inc., USA
        * Inherit, Sweden
        * International AG, Austria
        * IProfs, The Netherlands
        * IT Comics, France
        * SATIN Group ISTASE/DIOM, France
        * Web App Cabaret, USA

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