May 10, 2005

ObjectWeb prepares eXo JCR 1.0 RC1, a JCR implementation

Xavier MOGHRABI writes "The eXo Platform software is a powerful Open Source corporate portal and content management system. Users of the platform have a customized single point of access to the company's information system and resources. The use of a corporate portal increases productivity as it provides business information to the firm's employees, allows the exchange and management of this data, as well as the execution of critical business processes, from the web environment.

  Based on industry standards and leading the innovation in its field, the eXo Platform is a low cost solution that offers a very high Return On Investment. Moreover, the source code for the whole platform is distributed allowing each client to adapt the portal to specific business requirements and to react aptly to technological developments.

  With an efficient corporate portal you gain a competitive edge in your business. But, be informed that the introduction of the platform into your existing system is a multi-step process: you need to specify requirements, audit the functionalities and applications of the current information system, integrate them within the portal solution, and teach users how to add value with a new set of worktools.

  The eXo Platform team is happy to announce the release of eXo JCR 1.0 RC1, an Open Source implementation of the Java Content Repository (JCR).

  This implementation is based on the final draft 2 of the JCR specification.

  This release candidate contains all the mandatory features required by the specification for level 1 and level 2 JCR implementation, and includes several optional and implementation-specific features such as:

  canoo.php canoo.php~ session supporting, JAAS based user login
  canoo.php canoo.php~ retrieval and traversal of nodes and properties
  canoo.php canoo.php~ adding and removing nodes and properties
  canoo.php canoo.php~ writing the values of properties
  canoo.php canoo.php~ transient and persistent namespace discovering and changes
  canoo.php canoo.php~ export to XML
  canoo.php canoo.php~ import from XML
  canoo.php canoo.php~ assigning node types to nodes
  canoo.php canoo.php~ XPath querying
  canoo.php canoo.php~ multiple workspaces and node references
  canoo.php canoo.php~ node same name sibling
  canoo.php canoo.php~ observation
  canoo.php canoo.php~ repositories, workspaces, namespaces and node types management facility
  canoo.php canoo.php~ simple API for Workspace's data storage pluggability

  The distribution contains a WAR file and all the libraries needed to run the JCR in a servlet environment as well as standalone. The implementation back end is made on top of any popular database such as Oracle, MySQL, or DB2. (HSQLDB is embedded by default).

  The implementation back end is made on top of any popular database such as Oracle, MySQL, DB2...(hsqldb is embeded by default).

  This implementation is based on the current final draft of JSR-170, and will go final after adding the optional features of JSR-170 and passing the compatibility tests.

  More informations available at : and"


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