April 1, 2005

ObjectWeb releases C-JDBC 1.2, database clustering

Xavier MOGHRABI writes "ObjectWeb has announced the release of C-JDBC 1.2, their open source database clustering middleware. The new release includes support for Updatable ResultSets, new pass-through schedulers for increased performance as well as many other improvements and fixes.

  To use C-JDBC, databases are replicated to a set of servers, and C-JDBC is configured to know each element in this database cluster. Reads passed through C-JDBC are then load-balanced across each node, with writes being broadcast to each node to maintain synchronicity.

  Among other changes, the 1.2 release supports Updatable ResultSets. New pass-through schedulers have been added for all RAIDb levels for increased performance. The DatabaseMetaData code has been refactored to provide more transparency with regard to the underlying database engine. A number of other contributions have helped in various area for developer documentation, code cleaning and bug fixes.

  This project enables a middleware component to replicate many features of a database cluster, which might be very useful if a formal DBA isn't available or the database product being used doesn't support clustering.

  What do you think?"

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