February 25, 2006

The ODF Allies Launch an Offensive in Europe

Author: Andy Updegrove

Andy Updegrove writes "Until now, the battle between the supporters of the OpenDocument Format (ODF) and Microsoft has played out almost exclusively in Massachusetts. In the last two days, however, the supporters of ODF have launched an offensive in Europe - making it now a two-front war. At the forefront is the European Committee for Interoperable Systems (ECIS), an organization that includes IBM, Sun, Oracle and Red Hat among its members, which has filed a complaint with the EU alleging that Microsoft's failure to support the OpenDocument Format constitutes anticompetitive behavior. How much does that matter, given that antitrust investigations drag on seemingly forever? According to AMR Research, " Combined with earlier complaints and rulings, the latest suit has the potential to throw a huge wrench into the works for Microsoft in 2006 and beyond.""
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